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Alarm response

Alarm response

After an alert from an alarm, swift action needs be taken. After an alarm has been triggered, HB Bewaking immediately determines whether a security guard is needed onsite. The guard will investigate the situation by conducting a thorough indoor and outdoor inspection. In some cases, a door has been left open by accident or a gate has not been closed properly. In such a case, the mobile security guard will reset the alarm and also check whether there has been any resultant damage. Through consistent security monitoring, thieves also know that they will only have a few minutes of opportunity before HB Bewaking arrives on the scene and alerts the police.

By conducting expert alarm call-outs, we are able to prevent (as much as possible) any dangerous situations that could arise.


Thanks to new technologies and modern systems, you probably assume that the security arrangements in your home or business have been well taken care of. However, there is still the threat of theft (or attempted theft) or fire hazards. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. That's why our mobile security guards go the extra mile when responding to an alarm alert. To ensure the safety of your home or business, they carry out several security inspections:

  • indoor and outdoor inspections;
  • opening and closing inspections;
  • possible fire hazard inspections.

During an indoor inspection, the security guard will check all windows, doors and machinery to rule out any possible dangerous situations. An outdoor inspection focuses on the exterior of the building. Are all the entrances and gates properly closed? An extensive inspection takes quite some time. The security officer does not skip anything during an inspection and will check lamps, heaters, machinery and other potentially hazardous equipment.

That's why our security guards often carry out their checks before or after office hours to avoid any inconvenience. After finishing, he or she will reset the alarm system so that your employees can get back to work safely the next day.


Unfortunately, fire or theft cannot be prevented in all cases. In 80-90% of cases, a fire alarm is triggered by cooking or a candle that is left too close to the sensor. In such a case, we clean the sensor and reset the alarm. If there is a fire, we will alert the fire department as soon as possible. If it turns out that the alarm is not a false alarm, we will call the police. By carefully following up every alarm alert, we are able to limit the damage in the event that something is wrong.

The surveillance services of HB Bewaking operate in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlemmermeer and the surrounding area. Request a quote, or contact us for a free consultation.