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Construction surveillance

Construction surveillance

Construction site surveillance cannot be considered a luxury where long-term construction projects are involved. Your machinery and vehicles and the structure itself are vulnerable to damage and vandalism.


Long-term construction projects are notoriously vulnerable. Valuable machinery and vehicles are left on the site in the hope that they will still be there the next day. The structure is usually protected by a tarpaulin and fencing, but this is not enough to keep out vandals and thieves. Prevent vandalism and protect your construction site by signing up for building protection from HB Bewaking. This will prevent thieves from stealing your valuable materials and tools. Our security guards will keep an eye on things, so that the construction site is never completely deserted. They can also undertake fire and closing inspections as well as controlling access points to ensure that the work runs as smoothly as possible.


In order to prevent unwanted intruders, the construction site surveillance of our security personnel focuses on the following tasks:

  • Access control of staff
  • Keeping control over authorised personnel
  • Carrying out opening and closing inspections
  • Providing first aid
  • Supervising health and safety regulations (ARBO)
  • Setting up a central reporting point in the event of an emergency

Our security personnel form an important link in the construction process at every stage of your project. By controlling access to staff, goods and visitors, you and your employees can focus your attention on the construction work. Our staff are professionals and are able to act quickly and competently in case of emergencies. In addition, they are well versed in health and safety regulations, which means that potentially dangerous situations can be prevented.


Obviously, you want to prevent theft and damage to your property. Obviously, our security personnel act professionally when something goes wrong, for example, by informing the police in case of vandalism. But to stay ahead of these problems, HB Bewaking is happy to explain how you can best protect your property. For example, store your machinery and building materials under lock and key as much as possible. Building fences also come in handy: this makes it harder for intruders to enter the construction site.

Feel free to request a quote for our services. We will then do a security survey to determine what kind of security solutions you need. We operate in Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer and the surrounding area.