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Mobile Surveillance

Mobile Surveillance

Mobile surveillance is all about prevention. In the event of a triggered alarm, the mobile response unit will be on the scene quickly to identify, alert, report and assist you where necessary.


80 to 90 percent of all triggered alarms are false alarms. This may cause some inconvenience, but is often not completely “false”. In many cases, a false alarm indicates a problem in the alarm setup or in the maintenance of the alarm system. The mobile security guard from HB Bewaking will not only reset the alarm, but will also look into what exactly went wrong.

It could be that the back door of your company is regularly left open, thereby triggering the alarm. It is therefore important to rectify the problem quickly in order to avoid burglaries in the future. Or perhaps you have a poorly functioning extractor hood at home that dissipates too little smoke. In this case, the triggered alarm is useful because it brings to your attention that you need to replace faulty equipment.

Sometimes, it's difficult for you to find the cause of a false alarm. If that's the case, our mobile security staff will be only too happy to come out and find the cause for you. By means of an extensive inspection, the problem will be detected and immediately remedied where possible. Our security guard will also be more than happy to give you preventative security tips. This could prevent dangerous situations from arising in the future.


Our security guards at HB Bewaking have an extensive and versatile set of duties. Tasks that our surveillance service can perform for you include:

  • Opening and closing your business or office;
  • Carrying out fire and closing inspections;
  • Alarm response;
  • Collective security;
  • Performing incidental checks;
  • Alcohol control in the workplace;
  • Speed control on own premises.

HB Bewaking provides flexible options for all your security needs. If required, our security staff will run the opening and closing inspection at a pre-determined weekly time. However, you can also choose a different time each week for these inspection rounds. With their knowledge of safety and first aid, our security inspectors ensure a safer and more secure workplace. In addition, they will be happy to advise you on the best alarm system to suit your situation and also explain how to make your workplace fire safe.


When there is a danger of theft or a fire hazard, it is important to act as quickly and effectively as possible. The mobile security guard is a professional, he/she understands the situation and knows the location and the customer, and is therefore competent to assess whether or not there is a risk and what steps should be taken.

The surveillance services of HB Bewaking operate in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Haarlemmermeer and the surrounding area. Request a quote or contact us for a free consultation.